Speaking Topics by Stacy McDonald

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Weary Women

Join Stacy as she reminds women, especially homeschooling mothers, where to turn during times of weariness and trials. Sharing from her own life experiences, Stacy explains from Scripture how turning to the wrong source for relief from our trials will actually add to our burden, rather than relieve it! Rejoice in Jesus as you embrace the mysterious beauty of your sacred calling!

Titus Two Discipleship

Moving through Titus 2:4-5, join Stacy as she shares the important role older women play in disicipling younger women…including their own daughters!

Christianity: The Real Women’s Liberation Movement

We either have a Christian worldview or we have a feminist worldview; but, we really can’t have both. Join Stacy as she discusses how feminist ideology contradicts Scripture in almost every way—and how Jesus is the one who truly set women free!

The House that Mom Built

There are so many ways we women can either build up or, in contrast, tear down their own houses. As mothers, we have the choice each day whether or not we’re going to be an influence for godly growth and joy in our households. In this talk Stacy discusses some of the qualities of a wise woman, and just what makes her wise.

A Crown for Him: Helping our Daughters to Develop a Chaste Heart

In Titus 2, one of the specific things Paul tells older women they should teach younger women is to be chaste. But as you’ll learn in this talk, being chaste is more than a physical state of being; it’s an active virtue. Since chastity begins in the heart, a chaste woman consistently demonstrates sexual purity—in thought, word, and deed. Stacy shares how sexual purity, biblical beauty, and the heart motives behind each, work together in the life of the Christian woman to glorify God and hallow His name.

Virtuous Young Maidenhood: Fresh Vision for our Daughters

The world’s daughters are deceived. Many are embarrassed and ashamed of virginity; so, they make every effort to appear as far from that image as possible. Feminine softness and gentle beauty have been replaced by sloppiness and revealing clothes. Should daughters of the King parrot the speech or replicate the fashion statements of the daughters of the world? You and your daughters are invited to join Stacy McDonald, mother of seven fair maidens as she investigates the lost art of biblical femininity, chastity, and virtuous maidenhood.

The Sacred Mission of Motherhood

How do you view your role in the family? Are you just a wife and mother? Do you sigh heavily and admit that you are only a homemaker? Do you dread filling out questionnaires in the doctor’s office that ask for your occupation? How can this distorted view of a woman’s calling affect our children’s view of a godly ordered family? Join Stacy as she reminds mothers of their honorable calling of wife, mother, and keeper at home; and how their respected position was planned before the beginning of time.

As Unto the Lord

Humble, quiet, submissive…these are all qualities that are generally regarded as weaknesses. Scripture, on the other hand, teaches that these are signs of great strength and power. Just as our Lord submitted Himself to His Father and the governing authorities, wives are instructed to demonstrate their willingness to support their husbands by supporting and respecting their leadership.

Talks on other subjects may be available upon request.To request a media kit or for samples of talks produced by the McDonalds, please write to passionatehousewife[at]gmail[dot]com


2 Responses to “Speaking Topics by Stacy McDonald”

  1. Amy says:

    Hi, I ran into your website looking for modest Anglican women. I’m Anglican and dress modest. I’m the only one who dresses modest in my church. I’m in a high church. I love my church and I love all the parishners in my church. I wish I had a good way of speaking to one of our younger ladies on modesty. She was a very beautiful women and I really don’t feel she meant any harm but her dress was so short that my son could see her underwear and he was really upset. However, even though I am not able to know how to speak up in a good way my son told me one day,”why are you different from the other women? I asked him what he meant and he said you are not sleeping around with men and you take good care of me. I replied will I love the Lord with all my heart and do my best to follow Him and pray constantly for grace to follow Him. I made the decision to be modest dressed and a homemaker after reading Bible and actually thought I would never be able to date (lost husband four years ago) because I was so counter to the present culture. I believe in courting not the modern version of dating with sex etc. and God sent me a man my age (in his late 50’s) a good Christian man who is very happy to have a modestly dressed woman who believes in chasity.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I appreciate your stand on modesty. I have been amazed at the choice of clothing some women wear to church. God has a reason for modesty. When we dress otherwise we cause other people to stumble. A man recovering from a pornography addiction does not need to worry about attending church and facing women dressing immodestly. Thank you for your stand.

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