December 24, 2013

Spinach Seafood Bisque

This has become a favorite side dish to complement a special meal. Depending upon where you live and what is easily accessible (and affordable), you may choose shrimp, crawfish, or lump crab meat for this dish. Or you could combine all three! Now that we live in the midwest, fresh seafood, “imported” from the Gulf Coast, is our Christmas-time treat!

June 11, 2011

Thai Noodle Salad with Chicken

This recipe was great for a recent road trip to California. We pre-made the meals for all nine of us, so they would be gluten free and healthy (and more affordable). Since we were eating at rest stops, they had to be able to be served cold. We served this in paper cups and ate with plastic forks. Easy, nutritious, high in protein, yummy, and gluten free!

7 oz dried, thin-ribbon …

June 11, 2011

Anti-Orzo Salad

Before we went gluten free, we loved Orzo Salad. This is a recipe modified with quinoa, which we discovered we prefer anyway!

2-3 C. Quinoa (cooked)
1/2 C. grape tomatoes (sliced in half)
1/4 C. kalamata olives
1/4 red onion, chopped
1/4 C. feta cheese
1 English cucumber (diced, NOT peeled)

1 cup olive oil
2/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp basil
1 1/2 tsp …

December 2, 2009

Southwest Quinoa Salad

Note: This recipe was updated 6/11/11.

This is one of our family’s favorite lunches. It’s easy, it doesn’t need to be heated, and it’s nutritious. It’s a particularly good protein snack for pregnant or nursing moms! Serve with a few tortilla chips and enjoy!

– 3 cans of cooked black beans, drained and rinsed (4 ½ cups)
– 3-4 C. cooked white or red quinoa (equals 1 cup uncooked)
– ½ diced …

August 27, 2009

Italian Black Bean Salad

This salad, accompanied by a nice loaf of crusty sour dough bread, makes a wonderfully easy make-ahead lunch that will last several days in the refrigerator. Or, if you’re gluten free like me, you might enjoy my friend, Tonya’s, yummy gluten free fococcia bread (recipe to come).

This salad is also a good high-protein snack for the busy pregnant or nursing mom; or an easy travel-friendly meal for a pot luck or car trip.

I also have a good recipe for …

August 19, 2009

Quiche Cordon Bleu (Bacon-Chicken Spinach Quiche)

As we seek to cook nutritious meals for our families, I think it’s important that we also try to create a meal time “experience.” Think about it. When was the last time you lit a candle at dinner time? What about setting up a special center piece or using pretty cloth napkins? This doesn’t have to be every day, but could …