November 25, 2013

Papa’s Cajun Oyster Dressing

PaPa’s Cajun Oyster Dressing

(Secret Family Recipe)

Growing up, my grandfather was the “oyster dressing maker” in our family. I still remember the old-fashioned double stove and all the dreamy scents that would come out of it at Thanksgiving! Even when I was a kid, and as much as I hated oysters, I loved …

February 10, 2011

Put the Lime in the Coconut…

…and eat it all up!

Ever since last week, when my doctor told me I needed to go temporarily off of dairy, I have felt like Eeyore with a big cloud over my head. Dairy is half my diet, after all: cheese, sour cream, yogurt, pudding, bisque, cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and butter…lots and lots of butter. *Sigh*

Since then, coconut has been my friend. Well, we were already friends, but now …