December 6, 2007

You Said What?

I said I was taking a break from the blogsphere (and I am, so don’t worry!), but I was alerted to a cute thread on the Bayly blog and I just couldn’t resist. They are discussing the fact that many of us heard songs incorrectly as children (or even as adults) and then sang them that way for years. I think I …

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November 8, 2007

The Missing "Pink" Link

We’ve all heard stories of scientists striving to find the “missing link,” the remains of some creature that connects modern man with the chimpanzee. Many of these stories are so far-fetched they’re humorous, such as the story of the “Heidelberg Man” whose ape-like shape was manufactured from the remains of just a jawbone. Later, scientists conceded that this bone was quite human after all. …

August 1, 2007

Should women register for the draft when they turn 18?

Because of the feminist influence it is very possible that my young daughters (and yours) will soon have the “right” to be forced to register for the draft.

I can’t imagine any man being so cowardly as to sit by and allow young girls to defend grown men in the face of machine guns and terrorists and then not be utterly ashamed. Click here to watch what these brave men are willing to do for a vote.

The Bayly …

July 28, 2007

"Her" Church?

As Jennie and I finish the last chapters of our book, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God, we are more convinced than ever before that it truly is not about us; it is all about God. When we try to focus on our own needs and wants, we consequently take our focus off of Him – the One who promised to supply all of our needs when we turn to Him and His ways. (Phil. 4:19)

I was grieved beyond …

July 20, 2007

Whitewashed Feminism

There is a sly movement afoot and it’s very dangerous and enticing. It could be called Christian feminism, except that I don’t think it’s possible for feminism to be labeled Christian. Perhaps we should call it whitewashed feminism, because though it’s seemingly softened for the Christian pallet, it’s still feminism.

It’s enticing because it feeds on a woman’s desire to be in control – and it’s sly because it claims to be based on Christianity. The current buzz …

July 12, 2007

"Just" a Housewife?

A lady commented on my blog that she didn’t like the word “housewife” because we are not married to our houses. She is right, we are not married to our houses and I actually bring that up in the first chapter of our book. However, we do not use the term “husbandwife” either, though we are in fact married to our husbands. The …

July 10, 2007

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God!

With all the excitement of Christa’s and Daniel’s news (and their visit here in Illinois) I almost forgot to share about our trip to Alabama and update you on our new book, Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God!

Jennie Chancey and I began this book two and a half years ago! Aside from Jennie giving birth to twins, my giving birth to William, the beginning and …

April 9, 2007

Taliban Women or Women of Virtue?

Do you ever feel like you’re saying something perfectly logical and reasonable and yet the person who is listening to you, must hear you in a different language? That’s what seems to have happened to me. Since the facts are sound, it must be my lack of clear communication.

This is a portion of a comment I received from “Anonymous” (of course) regarding our plan to raise …

March 29, 2007

Letter from a 17-year-old Feminist

The following excerpts are based on a letter I recieved a while back from a young lady concerned about my mental health and questioning the biblical principle of submission to authority (primarily wives submitting to their husbands). My responses to her concerns are included after each excerpt. Her name and the details to some of her questions have been changed. Please pray for Lisa …