July 29, 2013 by Stacy McDonald

Three Decades of Fertility is Finally Here!

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This unique book is your opportunity to find out what happened to ten ordinary women who gave three decades of their lives to embracing the gift of children.

Some of you may already know that I contributed a chapter to this book with several other women – women who, like me, wanted to share their journey of motherhood with you. Well, that book is now available! You can CLICK HERE to order it (PDF, Kindle, or Paperback) through my affiliate link or keep reading to learn more…

Through their honest and open-hearted sharing, you will not only discover all kinds of practical information from how fertility looks as we age—to pregnancy problems and solutions, but you’ll also glean insights into the adventure of choosing a life of surrender to the Creator in the area of having babies.

These ladies are not super-moms. You’ll get to read about their struggles, doubts, financial problems, marriage issues, losses, and physical ailments during and after pregnancy. But you’ll also discover, right along with them, that God is bigger than you think—and His faithfulness to His children is always a given. No matter what happens.

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Three Decades of Fertility

Not only will you get:

  • Ten incredible stories of God’s faithfulness
  • Two bonus chapters on health and nutrition for optimum fertility

But you will also get:

Answers to several questions that readers asked in a survey taken in 2012. All ten authors answer these questions with their own unique perspective on each one. Some of the questions include:

1.  How do you deal with the fear of increased miscarriage, infant loss, or birth defects? How can one handle that kind of pain, especially over and over again?

2.  How do you balance life with older kids and babies? Do you feel this is unfair to the older children?  How do they feel about having more brothers and sisters? Is it being greedy to want more babies at the risk of not being able to meet the needs of the rest of the family?

3.  How do I deal with extended family members, friends, and even the medical community who disapprove of our continuing to want more babies as we get older?

4.  Will I have the energy I need to continue to raise children into my 50s if I have some in my 40s? Is it fair to the child to have older parents?

5.  Do you have any practical tips for high mileage mamas dealing with fatigue, pelvic separation, joint pain, varicose veins, etc.? In other words, what kinds of pregnancy issues did you have to deal with, and how did you deal with them?

And more!


“Any woman who has ever seen two lines on a pregnancy test and tearfully wondered “How will I ever make it through this?” will be encouraged by this book!” – Cindy Dyer

“Have you ever wished for an older woman to take you under her wing and share with you the lessons she has learned throughout pregnancy and childbearing? This is your opportunity.” – Bambi Moore

“An encouraging resource by inspiring mothers that will bless women around the globe who need to hear their story—I highly recommend it.” – June Fuentes

“From trials and difficulties to all the blessings—the reminder that our hope is found in God alone is the cornerstone of this book. We live in a self-centered, self-gratifying world, and this book is a refreshing reminder that God’s way of treasuring the gift of motherhood brings us back to His wisdom and vision for the family.” – Marci Ferrell

“A very delightful book which shows us honestly the joys and hardships of being the mother of a large family. My favorite parts of this book are the question and answer sections. Each woman has a different story to tell and many of them give suggestions to help moms. It is encouraging to know we can trust the Lord with every aspect of our lives, and that it is do-able and a blessing!” – Mary Harrington

“As a mom of 8 children, I was greatly blessed and encouraged by this book! These women share with honesty the struggles and fear they had – fears all women can relate to.   It was a great reminder to me that even though society tells us differently, children ARE a blessing and a gift from God;  when pregnancies are difficult, the joy the new little one brings makes it worth all of it.” – Kathie Morrissey

Contributors include:

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One Response to “Three Decades of Fertility is Finally Here!”

  1. sonja says:

    Hi Stacy, I am an almost 4 decades having babies mommy. I had my first right after my 16th birthday and and a BIG surprise after 8 years of infertility baby #10 this pat Nov 2,2012 at the age of 41. I have also 3 grandchildren. LOL
    My husband is the birth father to ALL 10! We married at 16 and 18 years old and still more in love today than ever. I thank God for my husband and often wonder why am I so blessed to have him.We are strong christians and praise God for all of our lives trials good and bad.
    I am so so so happy to see you have a book about this very topic. There are just so many blessings to having a baby in your 40’s. I can’t even begin to say them all, A couple big ones are that you TRULY appreciate how a miracle and blessing this child is at your age. It brings out the young man in your husband. I feel younger than I have in years and oddly healthier.The daily joy the whole family has of older siblings loving their sister when they are plenty old enough to be her parent. My baby is almost 9 months and plays daily with siblings and her almost 2 year old nephew. LOL My children NEVER were upset about having another sibling and she is ALWAYS in someones arms. This little girl (Emma) is more than thriving:) I do want to add that when you have a baby in your 40’s the doctors pressure to a ton of extra prenatal testing. Sadly I caved in and failed them all. Our Emma we were told would have Downs . We would and will NEVER abort any baby we are blessed to carry and have. But after all the failed tests, Guess who gave birth at almost 42 weeks to a 8 lb 11oz PERFECTLY HEALTHY baby girl? I did. We leave birth control in Gods hands and always have.If God blesses us with another child that would be awesome.
    Thank you and to the ladies that wrote this book it is much needed in this day and age and with family and friends giving pressure to stop at 30.I pray it also saves some women heartache of caving in o a doctors pressure. God Bless you guys,
    Mrs. Sonja Hicks

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