October 11, 2011 by Stacy McDonald

Chosen for Life: A Story of God’s Providence

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A visibly upset young woman and her mother had just walked out of the abortion center where the 40 Days for Life vigil is going on – and walked right up to one of the prayer volunteers.

She had been advised to have an abortion because she had difficulties in her life.

After a short discussion, the two women seemed interested in the offer of a free ultrasound at a local pregnancy care center. But there were two challenges.

First of all, it was 8:30 in the morning – and the pregnancy center wouldn’t open til 9:00.

The volunteers decided to take the young woman and her mom to breakfast; that would help them settle down a bit, and it would let them wait until the doors were open at the pregnancy center.

The second challenge seemed a bit more formidable. While an ultrasound MACHINE was available, there might not be an ultrasound TECHNICIAN available.

So they all went to the pregnancy center to wait – and pray.

Within the hour, another couple arrived at the abortion center. They had been told to abort their baby because of possible disabilities.

They had doubts about going through with it – so they, too, were offered a free ultrasound.

“Can you get us that ultrasound right now?” the couple asked.

About the same time, yet another couple arrived for an appointment. They had significant financial challenges – and they, too, had been encouraged to abort. “And yes,” said the volunteer, “couple number three also wanted a free ultrasound.”

Meanwhile, back at the pregnancy center, a car had entered the parking lot. None of the volunteers recognized the car. A woman got out. They didn’t recognize her, either.

She walked over and introduced herself. “I’m an ultrasound tech and I have nothing to do today,” she said. “Do you know of anyone that could use my skills?”

“Seriously!” said the volunteer. “Just like that!”

Three young women saw ultrasound images of their babies that day. And despite all the reasons each had been encouraged to abort – they each chose life for their children.

Each of these mothers has a long road ahead and many challenges to overcome. But they’ve taken a wonderful first step. Please keep them in your prayers, and ask Christ to guide them on their way.

“Before I knew the difficulties of this day, God had planned for our needs to be met,” said the 40 Days for Life vigil participant. “Three couples who had planned on ending their babies’ lives today are still pregnant tonight. Praise God!”

She added that the overwhelming feeling “is one of both personal humility and awe for our God who did so much today. What a blessing! We praise and honor the Creator tonight. He has done marvelous things!”

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30 Responses to “Chosen for Life: A Story of God’s Providence”

  1. Rose Burke says:

    My youngest one has had several miscarriages. The first time she got pregnant was the result of a rape. It took me, my husband ( her step-father) and her sister over an hour to convince her NOT to get an abortion. She miscarried a week later. At the time, she wasn’t even sure she was pregnant,we found out when she miscarried.
    She is finally about to give birth to her first live child, a girl. Her due date is the 27th of this month.

  2. Carysa Mendoza says:

    Praise God! When I read things like this it brings tears to my eyes. Each precious little life is so important to the creator!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Rose, that’s why I believe in after-morning pills; they don’t do anything near killing a late-term baby. A rape survivor must be given the respect due to a person forced to make such a huge personal choice, and I would not dream of pushing her on such an emotional topic unless she was three weeks pregnant or more.

  4. Stacy McDonald says:

    Jennifer – Life begins at conception. If God chose for His mysterious purpose to create a baby in the womb of a rape victim, we cannot violate His law and murder him/her because we think we know better than He! Why should a child pay with his life for the sins of his rapist father?

  5. LeeAnna Bowers says:

    Wonderful post, and yes life does begin at the very moment of conception. I have been burdened about abortion more than ever before in my life. I want to do everything on my part to inform people that it is murder. I love to read your posts Stacy and I love to share them, they are full of wisdom.

  6. Kelly says:

    Thank you for passing along this information. I believe that every woman considering aborting their child should be required to have an ultrasound. It is so easy for a woman to see that child as “a problem”, “a situation”, not a baby. But when you actually see life, hear a heartbeat, see your baby, it can make all the difference.

    Sadly for me, I was not given that opportunity. Not even suggested to me. And I chose to have not one, but two abortions. There has not been a day since that I have not thought about it. Thankfully I have been blessed with 3 more children, but my heart aches for the two I chose not to bring into this world. A choice that should not be mine.

    But as always God can use my mistakes, my tragedies for good. I am in the process of writing a novel about unplanned pregnancy and how it affects every aspect of our lives, for the rest of our lives. It will not only cover abortion, but adoption, and teen pregnancy. Please keep me in your prayers. I feel that God has called me to write this book (and 5 others as a part of a series to help bring the lost and hurting real women of our nation Christ). It has been in the planning stages for years, but now is the time for it to come to fruition, and all prayers would be so appreciated.

  7. I have always been grateful that abortion wasn’t available when I got pregnant with my son 45 years ago. I placed him for adoption and have since met him and his family. What a special day it was when I could thank his parents for doing what I couldn’t do. I gave him live, but they gave him parents.

  8. Jane says:

    I am also thankful that abortion wasn’t legal 52 years ago. My mother has stated many times that she “supports abortion” , and also that I was “an accident” and “people shouldn’t have children they can’t afford” or “there’s too many people in the world already”. Yes, she’s a feminist.

    I can’t say for sure if she would have had one when she got pregnant with me, but I can’t rule it out either. She even suggested my niece should have had abortions (she has 6 beautiful children) because she was irresponsible and immature. She was referring to her own great-grandchildren, that they should have been aborted!

    Needless to say, I have never been emotionally close to my mother, and I probably never will.

    Thanks you for your post.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Stacy, I disagree that there’s a person at conception; I believe life doesn’t really begin until there’s a heartbeat. Before then, it is mostly cells, not even brain activity. I’m far more closed off about abortion than I used to be, but I have no protest with morning-after pills.

  10. Stacy McDonald says:


    We learn about how God creates man here:

    For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them. Psalm 139:13–16

    There is nowhere in Scripture that implies life begins once the heart begins to beat. The life is there – that small person can live or die – therefore he or she is alive. To say that life begins at any other time than when it actually begins (which is at conception) is to use man’s wisdom.

    But while he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 1:20)

    When Jesus was conceived, he was Jesus at that moment. It wasn’t a mass of cells that would one day be inhabited by Jesus. He was fully man and fully God at the moment of conception.

  11. stephen says:

    My wife’s parents encouraged them to abort her because of health complications. I for one am thankful they choose to take the risk. I imagine our son is thankful too.

    Good article! God bless!

    Manifest Blog

  12. Jennifer says:

    I know those Scriptures, Stacy, but not every embryo comes to be a baby, and I don’t believe those have souls. When it comes to the earliest moments, when there’s little more than an egg and sperm and the woman’s been raped, I just feel strongly that the decision is between her and God and no one should push her.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Oh Jane, how terrible :(

  14. Andrea says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth and not backing down about it!

  15. Stacy McDonald says:

    What you are calling an “embryo” is a baby. The soul is created simultaneously with his/her body. There is no Scripture that indicates otherwise. We are body and soul until death.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I see a difference between a the group of cells that accumulates at conception and the tiny being that emerges later. But, I agree with you about erring on the side of caution. I just think when it’s a rape victim, extra care must be taken.

  17. Colleen G says:

    I wish someone would have been protesting the day my mother had an abortion. She had one for “all the right reasons”. Difficult marriage, extreme poverty plus she belived the overpopluation myth. She regretted it before she even got home. I could have had a younger sibling.
    In a purely technical sense why would assaulting a raped woman’s reproductive system be a good thing while giving birth to a living innocent human being a “bad” thing? To see something good and amazing come from something so awful should be very healing not punishing. While abortion just leaves a hole, a question that will never be answered. It is also not usually socially acceptable to grive the loss from abortion while miscarriage or adoption are “allowed” thier emotions. Aboriotn is a cheap trick that may bring temporary relife but never peace.

  18. AbbysMom says:


    For the most part, I share your viewpoint about very early abortion. I would also extend this option to a woman (often a young girl) who is a victim of incest . If an 10-11 year girl becomes pregnant because of incest in addition to her emotional anguish, such an early pregnancy could indeed be a threat to her life.

    If survivors of rape and incest feel they can get good prenatal care and have a good support system during their pregnancies, may God go with them. I just don’t think these women/girls should be forced to carry these babies to term as long as they can use something like the morning-after pill.

  19. Stacy McDonald says:


    The difference is only development and size; you were still “Jennifer” even when you were only moments in existence. A rape victim hardly needs to be assaulted further by having to suffer the trauma of taking part in the slaughter of her unborn infant, no matter how small, helpless, or unwanted.

    Yes, care should be taken. And mercy, gentleness, compassion should include outreach and ministry, but to use her suffering as an excuse to murder someone else is inexcusable.

    Just as we don’t put to death a rape victim for the sins of her attacker; neither should we put to death the resulting child for the crimes of his rapist father.

  20. Stacy McDonald says:

    Just as we don’t put to death a rape victim for the sins of her attacker; neither should we put to death the resulting child for the crimes of his rapist father.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Thank you AbbysMom, I agree. My feelings have to do with the developmental stages; this is why I have no quarrel with the pill. If she wanted the pill hours after the assault, I wouldn’t stop her. But if it were beyond that stage, I would not recommend an abortion; most do tend to regret it.

    Stacy, I agree it’s a complex and hard matter. If even a month into pregnancy, I would not encourage a girl at all to have an abortion, even an assault victim. I came to this idea after studying the biological facts; I had no idea the heart developed so fast.

    Girls’ sufferings are indeed being exploited. I recommend everyone read, “The Marketing of Evil”, but beware of some awful details.

  22. JENNIFER, i know personally the daughter of an rape victim. Her mother realised that she did not have the right to touch that inocente being growing inside her, and chose to give her in adopotion instead.

    The rapist daughter is called Pam Stenzel and the Lord is using her powerfuly as she teaches sexual abstinece in H.S. all over the USA and other countries too. you can check her in the internet.

    Our church is participating in the 40 days for life campaign. since i became a mother i feel more and more strongly against abortion.

  23. Colleen G says:

    Abortion is never provided free of charge it is a multi million dollar industry. Yet crisis pregnancy centers offer there services for free. True compassion does not ask for monetary recompense. Follow the money and you will know the truth. Exploitation for profit or compassionate counsel and assistance?
    If location, appearance or wanted-ness defines what a human being is why is murder outside of the womb wrong? There are people who do not look very attarctive, no one wants them or they are in an inconvenient place. Why is ending their life wrong? What magic point of development turns a groups of cells into a human being? When a scientist needs to identify whether remains are human or animal he checks the DNA. DNA starts at conception unique never to be repeated human DNA that could be used to identify the person should they be allowed to be born.
    But our opinions do not matter one bit. What does God think? Is there one word of wiggle room in scripture that would give a hint that He is OK with abortion at any stage for any reason?

  24. Donna says:

    Stacy, thank you for your post and for your firm stand for children in the womb, even for for those souls at the earliest stages of life.

    Maafa is known as the African Holocaust. The documentary Maafa 21 exposes the push for birth control and abortion, not as concern for women or for “women’s rights” but as a means to rid society of undesirables, especially minorities. The documentary also points out that the U.S. uses the UN and Planned Parenthood International to push reproductive “rights,” including abortion, in order to spare natural resources for the use of the U.S. Disaster aid has been tied to whether a country would accept birth control and legalize abortion, as with the 1997 huricane in Guyana, South America.

    Maafa 21 –

  25. Georgia says:

    What about an ectopic pregnancy? How is that handled. Should the woman bleed to death? The fertilized egg is stuck in the fallopian tube. If the egg continues to grow the mother will hemorage. Who gets to survive? Please explain this.

  26. Stacy McDonald says:

    I would hope that a doctor who is committed to preserving life would attempt to save both the baby and the mother by moving the baby to the correct place in the womb. If the baby did not survive, then both mother and doctor could be content with knowing they tried, and that God had other plans.

  27. Suzana says:

    For those claiming that an embryo’s life does not begin until there is a heart beat, I have one question: when a person goes into cardiac arrest what do you do? Nothing? No! you call and ambulance and the EMTs start performing CPR as soon as they arrive. Why? Because that person is still alive.

    It has been years since cessation of the heart beat has been enough to declare a person dead. If someone who has already been born can be alive without a heart beat then why do you require a heart beat to consider an embryo alive?

    Further more, as soon as conception occurs a zygote is formed from the joined sperm and ovum which is “…biologically alive. It fulfills the four criteria needed to establish biological life: metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and reproduction” (quote from the book “Billions and Billions” by Carl Sagan).

    Because this *living* zygote is formed from a *human* sperm and ovum it is only logical that it is *human life* that is formed through the process of conception.

  28. Jennifer says:

    “If someone who has already been born can be alive without a heart beat then why do you require a heart beat to consider an embryo alive?”

    Because they’ve already been born and fully formed. Furthermore, a heartbeat is sometimes the last thing to go; people can be dead on respirators. And the brain can die before the heart stops.

  29. Suzana says:

    The fact that a person can be dead and still have a heartbeat is another example of why life cannot be defined by a heartbeat, which is the point that I was trying to make.

  30. Jennifer says:

    Doctors can generally tell where there’s nothing but a pulse or heartbeat.

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