December 10, 2010 by Stacy McDonald

Healing Scents at Hearth and Home

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It is amazing how difficult it is to do even simple things when your head hurts. Even speaking kindly takes super human effort! But the day to day tasks are the hardest.

I was feeling this way today. I had a headache that continued to grow in intensity with waves of nausea hitting me off and on. I just wanted a dark room with peace and quiet. Of course, that’s a lot to ask in a busy household!

In addition, I had a little girl lying in my room with a stomach virus, and who needed help throwing up every so often (she had her own aching head). So, I couldn’t completely relax. Still, with a little help from family members, I was at least going to get a nap while she slept. I even broke down and took a Motrin before closing my eyes, which I rarely do.

An hour and a half later my head was worse. The Motrin wasn’t working. Then, I remembered my essential oils! I laid there for a few minutes wishing my oil bag would float to me from across the room. Irritated, I got up and dug out my oils. I looked at my sweet little darling who had finally fallen asleep. I rubbed some of Young Living’s “Deep Relief” blend on the back of her neck, hoping it would relieve her headache (she had thrown up the Children’s Tylenol I had reluctantly given her). “I love you, Mommy,” she whispered in her sleep.

I rubbed some oils on the back of my neck as well and laid back down. After a couple of minutes, I sat up to get a drink of water and realized my headache was gone! I whispered to my daughter, “How is your head, Honey?” She told me her head was better and asked for a sip of her tea. I love essential oils! Check out some of my favorites HERE.

Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll On is a proprietary blend of oils specially formulated to relieve muscle soreness and tension. Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copal, and Palo Santo essential oils as well as others play an integral part of healing in this blend. Deep Relief is offered in the portable convenience of a roll on application. Click here to read the PDF: DEEP RELIEF

Though I just began using Young Living’s oils, I began using therapeutic grade essential oils several years ago and I love them for more than health reasons. I have always been scent oriented, and having things smell fresh, clean, and pleasantly fragrant helps me to have a more peaceful attitude. I love using oils to clean my house, scent my home, heal my family, and create memories. I can’t tolerate chemical air fresheners anymore – and why should I?

What I like best about Young Living oils is their amazing blends. Since I’ve used other good quality essential oils before, I was already familiar with the wonderful aromas and excellent benefits of oils such as lavender, tea tree, lemon, peppermint, geranium, rose, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. But, Young Living not only offers high quality single oils, their amazing tried and true blends can’t be beat!

One of my favorite blends is Thieves.® I wish I had been more faithful with diffusing it in our home. Maybe my little one wouldn’t be sick right now! Thieves® was created based on research about four thieves in 15th century France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. Amazingly, they handled contaminated plague victims’ bodies regularly without contracting the disease.

This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities and it is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. Not to mention the fact that it fills the house with the most scrumptious scent ever! Learn more HERE. Choose from the essential oil blend or the various health and cleaning products made from it: toothpaste, household cleaner, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, foam hand soap, dental floss, and much more!

If you’re interested in checking out some of my favorite oils, visit my page HERE. And be sure to use my member number when you order: #1137177. If you sign up as a wholesale customer or a distributor, you’ll enjoy a regular 24% discount off the retail price. All you need to do is order one of the essential oil start up kits (prices on the kits begin at $40.00). Have fun! CLICK HERE to check it out!


The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and seek information about health and medical issues, as well as to address your health needs with your physician, seeking professional help when needed.

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13 Responses to “Healing Scents at Hearth and Home”

  1. Rachel says:

    I love the smell of a clean home, but my daughters and myself have allergies to the commercial scents. Do oils have strong scents or affects to people with common allergies?

  2. Marisa.A.Aguilar says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’m going to check this out!

  3. That sounds very well, Stacy. I do not know any woman who never suffers from headache.
    BUT my husband is allergic to parfum. Any kind.
    And that includes candles, shampus, body lotions…
    I do not know if your oils would work for me.
    One more thing:
    Would you mind sharing in general terms your homeschooling schedule, the academical part? I wonder if I am doing enough with my children. Sometimes I feel they would be learning more at school. Of course, homeschooling is much more than academics, but from time to time I lose the right perspective of things.

  4. Linda T says:

    I’m so glad I checked your site this morning – I’m working through a headache myself, hoping that it doesn’t get to the nauseau point! I’m definitely checking out the oils; I’ve been using more and more meds lately and I really don’t like to do that.

  5. dawn says:

    what is the big deal about using “motrin” or tylenol? I have suffered thru 7 major abdominal surgeries and many major back surgeries. I lived in new zealand where they do not give you pain meds and expect the body to take over and do its job….it was torture. EVERYTHING has been corrupted by sin. I dont understand how suffering thru pain is so right and taking meds is so wrong. Why do we have to feel guilty for suffering and taking med? I am thankful to the Lord for advil or I could never funtion.

  6. Stacy McDonald says:


    A lot of people are allergic to the perfumes in candles, soaps, colognes, air fresheners, etc. because of the synthetic chemicals that are in them. Many people who can’t tolerate perfume, LOVE essential oils and find them very healing.

  7. Stacy McDonald says:


    Sorry for taking so long getting back to you. My hard drive died and I am borrowing a computer to catch up a bit.

    You said: “Why do we have to feel guilty for suffering and taking med? I am thankful to the Lord for advil or I could never funtion…I dont understand how suffering thru pain is so right and taking meds is so wrong. ”

    There is no need to feel guilty for using Motrin. :-) I suffer from frequent back pain due to past problems and surgeries, so there are times when I resort to pain meds like Motrin (and even strong muscle relaxers).

    However, because of the dangerous side effects many drugs have, and because I am trying to move toward a more healthy lifestyle for me and my family, I try to avoid drugs, and use more natural methods of healing.

    I never said it was “wrong” to use meds and it was “right” to suffer. Not sure where you got that. Just trying to avoid kidney or liver failure. :-) Still, there are times when I prayerfully resort to pain meds.

    The following stories about Ibuprofen are examples of why I avoid Motrin and Tylenol when I can:

    I hope that explains better what I was saying.

  8. Anni Welborne says:

    Thank you for this information. I’m just beginning my journey into essential oils. For years, I have been unable to tolerate artificial scents of any kind – perfumes, lotions, soaps, cleaners, whatever. They gave me massive headaches, sinus problems, and aggravated my asthma. Then I found essential oils! Not only do they not irritate me, they benefit me! How good of God to create them and give man the knowledge of how to use them!

    I suffer from chronic headaches, and we are researching different reasons for that. I will check out the headache blend. Hopefully it will help.

    Thanks again.

  9. Stacy McDonald says:

    Anni, contact me at or at 309-389-3316 to talk about your headaches. Depending upon the type of headache, other oils may work better.

  10. Dear Stacy.

    I would like to place an order, but want to make sure I order the right kind.
    What kind do you recommend for the common headache, due to cold or so?
    And my sister has migranes sometimes. Is there anything natural that could help her?
    Gracias y feliz año nuevo!
    You can answer me here or use my email address.

  11. Stacy McDonald says:

    Hi Carolina,

    I can only tell you what I’ve found helpful. Deep Relief has helped me with stress/tension headaches. I rub it on the back of my neck and at my temples. It also seems to have helped with a congestion headache, but it’s hard to tell because I used it in conjunction with peppermint and rosemary oil, as well as the RC blend. I also diffused the Raven blend during that time. You’ll find that as you use the oils, you do a lot of experimenting with what works best for you – and sometimes it’s a combination of things that winds up working best.

    I have found pure peppermint oil and the M-Grain give relief. This has been extremely helpful for migraines for me and for several friends. I massage it across the forehead and temples, and rub it on the nape of the neck and hairline behind the ears and under the jaw. (Don’t get it in the eyes). Perhaps your sister could place a few drops of M-Grain in her hands, rub together, and inhale slowly. You could also try diffusing pure Frankincense into the air.

    Go HERE and click on “product line.” There you will find a search engine for whatever oil or product you’re looking for. If you want to use a diffuser (which I love, love love!), I highly recommend the Household Diffuser. But keep in mind, if you sign up as a distributor you’ll get wholesale prices, along with a 50% off coupon for the diffuser. You don’t ever have to sell anything, but you do have to make a $50.00 purchase once a year to be able to continue getting wholesales prices.

    If you want to get set up for wholesale prices, let me know, and I’ll tell you the best way to do it. You can call me at 309-389-3316.

  12. Rose Burke says:


    Is there anything that is good for Sinus problems? I have been having a real issue with this for several years.


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