April 10, 2010 by Stacy McDonald

Renewed and Recharged…

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Check out the all new Beautiful Womanhood (LAF) site! Here are a few must-read articles to get you started…

The Truth about Women that Feminists Don’t Want You to Know

The recent naming of Nancy Pelosi as the “most powerful woman in American history” has sparked national discussion on both the history of women in America and the nature of woman’s power. As Speaker of the House, Mrs. Pelosi holds the highest civic position any American woman has held to date, and her hand in putting through the recent Health Care Bill will have huge historic implications. Though we don’t see it as a great advance for women to finally be oppressed by one of our own, this is undeniably a kind of power.

But behind this recent tribute to Mrs. Pelosi is this presupposition: “Women find their power in holding the positions of men – the traditional women’s role has no power. The power traditional women exercised in the past doesn’t count.”

Americans are ready to believe this because they long ago adopted a feminist view of history.

Read the whole article HERE

Feminism in Christian Colleges

When it comes time for Christian families to decide if they will send their daughters to college, most of them have a lot to think about. But something I think they don’t stop to think about long enough is how college–even a Christian one–can affect their daughter’s idea of Biblical womanhood.

One would think that a Christian college with a reputation for being conservative would be a feminist-free zone where a godly view of womanhood was promoted and honored, but as I can personally attest to, that is not the case. I have sat through literature classes where the male characters are badmouthed, picked on, and mocked, while the women are raised onto a pedestal–even the ones that committed adultery, abandoned their children, left their husbands, and committed suicide.

I have sat under a feminist professor who proudly proclaimed her choice to forever curtail her reproductive abilities so that she could never have children with her husband, because she wasn’t the “mothering type.” She promoted never having children to the class, and I watched as young ladies were drawn into her opinion because they were attracted to her air of confidence in herself as a woman.

This same woman told the class that “we don’t hear enough about men submitting to their wives.” And when one girl was brave enough to say, “that’s because wives were told to submit to their husbands,” another confident feminist student explained that Paul was a man, and the translators of the Bible were men, so they had simply changed the Bible to fit their own desires regarding this passage.

Read the whole article HERE

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8 Responses to “Renewed and Recharged…”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great!! Grabbed your new button, too. :)

  2. J & A says:

    And if the young ladies attending college aren't secure in their faith and devoted to their God and His Word, then surely this kind of thing will (and does) sway them. Otherwise, they will do as I did in college: roll my eyes, pray hard, and take different classes.

  3. Brit says:

    Not always, Mary.

    I like this appearance of LAF more than the old one. Seems happier, less severe.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for sharing whats real and being transparent with your hearta nd life. This is priceless in a time where so many are trying to protect an image or preserve their life for other purposes than the glory of our Lord. I always hope that people will get my heart as I share all the Lord has done and all He is doing. Blessings to you and your family as you press forward serving our Lord.

  5. Sherrin says:

    I'm looking forward to going to the new site. It sounds like it may be better to go to a secular uni than a Christian one! I did, and it made the lines very, very clear!

  6. Stam House says:

    Thanks for sharing, I read both post and they were great!!!

  7. Robert says:


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  8. Modestkini says:

    I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.


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