March 9, 2010 by Stacy McDonald

Watch this with your Children! Part 1

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You can watch Parts 2, 3, and 4 HERE

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11 Responses to “Watch this with your Children! Part 1”

  1. Georgia says:

    I am a substitute teacher. I go to many schools in my area. They still say the pledge of allegiance and say "One nation under God"
    All the classes I have been in still do reading, writing, math and science. I personally agree there should be school choice and I support home schooling.
    However, Glenn Beck like other commentators are sensationalists and entertainers. I watch Glen Beck alot. He does has a tendency to exaggerate. It is about ratings.

  2. Angela (from Coupon Makeover) says:

    WOW, I am a home school mother of 4 and I will be sharing this with everyone I know…thank you for posting this!

  3. Kate says:


    The schools in my state are quickly doing away with the pledge. 11 years ago when I graduated high school we didn't say the pledge at all!

    Also, fundamental subjects aren't being so readily taught anymore. More than an hour is wasted every morning in our elementary schools where the children are congregated into a cafeteria or auditorium and spoon fed Barney songs and feel-good stories and environmentalism (hey, I'm all for conservation, but c'mon!)

    Oh sure, we still have reading peppered with liberal indoctrinated books such as Prince and Prince for elementary or graphic books for high school. I remember my peers who were in a different English class (I was in the advanced class) talk about how in the book they were reading a man was performing an indecent act with a pool table!! My cousin, who graduated last year, had to read books that were blatantly anti-Christian.

    We have writing, though very little of it when everything is done on computers with spell checkers. Also, our graduating students still can't spell, write complete sentences or use proper punctuation and grammar. I'm quite sure my own little comment contains errors!

    Math? I admit, mathematics is pretty hard hitting in school. It's the way to the future, they say, but the fundamentals are missing. I could do trigonometry but when I got a job as a cashier I was embarrassed that I couldn't make change for a customer without a calculator. Why? Well, you don't need to know how to make change when you do need to know how to do trig to get into a great college and some high-paying job that we're somehow all supposed to achieve and are entitled to. Even if everyone had a PhD, someone would still have to scrub the toilets.

    Science is also a subject that's strongly focused on in schools, however it is riddled with theories retold as facts. It is the basis of humanistic, often times liberal indoctrination. There is no God. There are no absolutes. Everything is just by chance. We're all just part of this blob so abortion is ok, forced sterilization to prevent pollution-causing children from being born is a valid option. Creationism can't even be mentioned. I recall being silenced whenever I brought it up in science class.

    Sprinkled within these broken fundamentals are classes that smack of liberal agendas. Do I even have to go into what health classes are teaching? One of our local school districts hires Planned Parenthood to come in and teach sex-ed.

    I'm not saying Glenn Beck doesn't lump things together to make them sound worse than they are to make his point, but this stuff is happening all over the US and it is more and more prevalent. I believe Sean Hannity keeps a running record of college professors who use the classroom for their political agendas and even mock, criticize and ostracize their conservative and/or Christian students.

    I am a survivor of the public school system in my state and despite graduating more than a decade ago I remember the indoctrination I faced daily. I remember how, unless parents were deeply involved in their children's lives, the students around me turned into cookie-cutter drones of the system. The girls who didn't go out and get big ol' careers ended up knocked up. The guys who didn't live in perpetual adolescence joined the ranks of wusses who won't step up to the plate as men and consider manhood only in it's most boorish states thus perpetuating any uber-feministic hatred of men. A few of us survived into clear-thinking individuals. Yes, some vote more R and some vote more D, but at least they think about it!

    Oh, I'm going to be stirring up passions on both sides of this issue with this comment!

  4. Nick the Poodle says:


    What if you are wrong? Do you ever think about the consequences?


  5. Jennifer says:

    Well, I'm not a survivor of the public system; I'm a thriving lover of it! Thank God I don't come from a liberal town.

  6. His workmanship says:

    Thank you Stacy! God bless you! I went to public school and feel so sad in my heart for those who have to go. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! If I get married and have children someday, homeschooling is definitely the way to go! Like a preacher once said: Parents you can't be surprised when your children come back as Romans, if you keep sending them to Caesar (the government) for their education!

  7. christschild says:

    I just watched this…thank you for posting. I can't wait to homeschool my kids. I am in college now to become a nurse and when I finish I want to homeschool my children. I don't want them to be influenced by the world. I want to teach them that God is most important and that we need to live for Him.

  8. msumissa says:

    Glen Beck lies. He has proven over and over again he lies. I do not feel he has the nation's best interest in his heart. I do not feel he is called by God to say the hate that he is spewing.

    I feel he is a false prophet trying to distract people from the real issues around us with sound bites and sensationalism.

    Regardless of that, I thank God that I can send my children to private school.

  9. Mrs. White says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting!!!

    Mrs. White

  10. Jennifer says:


    We're watching the news right now and from what I'm seeing, Beck is pretty spot-on.

  11. Grace says:

    We live in an ungodly society, an anti-God culture. So if this culture…this society is constantly shoving the public school system down our throats then we need to stop and look at it for what it is. I'm sure none of us will disagree that this country is becoming more anti-God every day. So by all means, let's put children in the care of strangers to be taught the priorities of this anti-God culture. That's great…. I do think that like all other hosts featured on Fox News Glenn Beck has to worry about entertainment but I mean he is spot-on in his arguments. Here's the kicker though. He's constantly prodding parents saying "What are we going to do" and he's showing all these video clips. How about "Parents, take responsibility for your own children. Teach them what is important in the eyes of the Lord. Train them up in the way they should go". Parents just throw their children in the public school system and hope that when they come home from work at night that getting together around the dinner table (if they're really lucky) they'll impact those kids enough to resist every bad influence from school. Good luck with that….

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