February 10, 2010 by Stacy McDonald

Childhood Innocence Under Fire

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“A line of children’s clothing called Ooh! La La Couture promoted by a young Disney star has come under fire for being too adult, and has even been likened to adult lingerie by some critics. The Emily Grace Collection is named after 8-year-old “Hannah Montana” star Emily Grace Reaves, who helps design the line. Her friend Noah Cyrus, 9, has also helped promote the collection in photos and online videos. Noah is Disney superstar Miley Cyrus’ younger sister.”

And it gets worse. Click HERE for proof that childhood innocence is under fire in our culture. The Youtube video on this page features fourth grade Noah dancing around slapping her rear end, and singing Akon’s “Smack That.” In another video, the little girl lip-synchs to a racy song containing lines like “I’m talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk/ Boys tryin’ to touch my junk, junk…”

Another photo shows little girls posed in red and black, trashy Ooh! La La! Couture mini dresses, wearing lace stockings and boots for “more of a rock and roll look.”

Fox News has more HERE.

Join me LIVE today at 11:00 am Central time with Adam McManus, as he guest hosts for G. Gordon Liddy on the Liddy Show to discuss this important topic.

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74 Responses to “Childhood Innocence Under Fire”

  1. Jennifer says:

    My God, how utterly revolting. What the devil are those Cyrus's allowing their children to do?? A 9-year-old girl being encouraged to smack herself suggestively, like small boys don't need to be taught enough already about not touching girls? This will be encouragement to them. Why not just give the girls Victoria Secret lingerie, since they seem so eager for them to grow up sexually and fast?

  2. Tammy says:

    What is that pole they are posing with? Very suggestive of a strip club or something. :o(

  3. Christine D. says:

    Well, I think they seem so eager to grow up so fast sexually because for many of these girls no one is protecting them from this culture. My daughter is 5 and doesn't even know who Miley Cyrus is, much less her little sister…I'm going to try to keep her as innocent as possible for as long as possible.

    Agreed that it's hard enough to teach little boys how to behave. I had my 4 year old son in half day pre-K in the public school system. One day he came home and told me that a good way to get a girl's attention is to say, "Hey baby…" He also called his sister the "B" word, something that is never used in this house. I pulled him out of school the next day.

  4. Ginger says:

    Um, are those girls hanging on a stripper's pole? YIKES! What is Disney thinking? Not at all surprising, sadly, but very very heartbreaking.

  5. LexieGirl18 says:

    I'm a pretty lenient person when it comes to dressing, but this is outright absurd. Another reason why I won't be having a TV when I have kids. Trash in trash out.

  6. Vikki says:

    Oh, how sickening. This is especially sad to me because I remember years back when Miley Cyrus and her mom had a motto, which was "Modest is hottest." Wonder what made them change their minds. :(

    And I'm disappointed to have missed the chance to hear you live on the radio show!! Will it be available anywhere to listen to later?


  7. Lindsey says:

    How sad! It breaks my heart to see these little girls exposing themselves like this! I think what is even sadder is the fact that they have mothers who aren't stepping up to the plate and teaching them how a young lady should dress… Obviously Disney isn't as "innocent" as it once was.

  8. Jodi says:

    This is awful. I don't even know what to say.

    I mainly shop thrift and consignment stores for my daughter's clothes, which has a better variety, in my opinion. I was shocked when I recently walked through the girls' (toddler, little girls) section at a department store. But this is worse.

  9. Chelsey says:

    And we wonder why in this day and age it is harder and harder to keep pure the hearts of our boys.

    What I think is disheartning, is that Billy Ray Cyrus (the father) has made a public profession of his faith in Jesus Christ.

    My question is this, then where is the Church and the brothers and sisters in Christ, holding this family accountable for their actions and how they are raising their children.

    Oh Father, break the hearts of those parents and let them see the Truth for what it is. Forgive them and then help set their path straight.

  10. J & A says:

    I think this 'venture' has pretty universally disgusted people, Christian or otherwise. Which is good. It shouldn't be a 'religious' thing.

  11. Stacy McDonald says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart" needs to be broken. I pray he repents and starts protecting his daughters.

  12. Kate says:

    Appalled is too light a word for what I feel after seeing those pictures!!

    One of the many reasons why I'm homeschooling my children is so they don't feel pressured to grow up too fast. When I was in public school I was an odd one out because my parents wouldn't let me grow up too fast with make-up, perfume, Teen magazine, Teen sitcoms, boyfriends, dances, parties, going to the mall, etc. Even so I was exposed to things I wish I wasn't.

    Innocents once lost is never regained. You can repent and be restored, but the damage is done. The memories can still haunt.

    Hubby and I talk about enrolling our daughter into dance classes since she loves to dance so prettily. However, it is hard to find a class that doesn't require a recital every year where the little girls as young as 5 dress up like Vegas Showgirls and parade about the stage like some Victorian circus freakshow, even the classical ballerinas!

    Oh, I could go on and on. May the Lord protect our daughters and give us parents wisdom to keep them pure.

  13. Kate says:

    I'm curious what G. Gordon thought of this when he has his own soft-porn calendar out.

  14. wifeandmom says:

    And we wonder why they hate us… Take a good look America! What many see of the West is this. Look how far we've gotten away from the principles that we were founded on. Surely if our founders were still there, they'd turn over in their graves. Fortunatley, they are likely blissfully unaware in heaven worshipping our Father. All their sacrifice down the drain… Chrisitanity is watered down in this country. No wonder another religion is the fastest growing one in the world. They have high standards for living and this type of thing does NOT fly with them. I deeply appreciate Christian families who take a stand for modesty and godliness but we've got so far to go. May God look down and see the faithful few and spare those that love Him the wrath that is surely coming. When we turn our daughters and sons out to the world to look just like it, we force them to give up their innocence. Don't be fooled, what they wear will affect their hearts. Mothers, fiercely protect your children from the enemy who so badly wants to devour them. Raise up a godly standard in your home!

  15. Stephanie says:

    I'm seeing the effect of styles like these on the elementary schoolers I work with, and it's heartbreaking. I just ranted on my blog about it the other day, because it's hard to know what you're allowed to say in a public school these days! Ugh. These people encouraging this are sick in their souls.

  16. Kate says:

    Ok, go to http://www.liddyshow.com and scroll down to Recently Heard on the Show. I think the first podcast shown (interview with Doug Phillips about Haiti) has the interview with Stacy in it too. I'm listening to the second segment with Doug Phillips, but there's no way to fast forward to find out for sure that Stacy is featured.

  17. Kara says:

    A few years ago, when the Bratz dolls, me and some friends were talking about how they were gonna start the downfall our society. With the velco in front for easy access…and general ranting about how we didnt like the dolls. At the time, that was the ranting of some (non-christian) teenagers who went to Target for lack of anything else to do.
    Now, 6ish years later, I'm starting to wonder if we were more on the right track than we thought we were. In 2007, the APA issued a warning saying that the dolls were promoting the sexualization of young girls. Other dolls and media were listed as well. But, really, that report had no affect. People continue allowing their daughters to dress more and more "grown up" wearing progressively more and more provocative clothing. While playing with toys that re-enforce the idea that its ok.
    We live in a very small town. The only place to buy clothes is Wal Mart. I have a hard time buying decent clothes (with enough fabric) for my daughter, and she's only 1. Why in the world do they think I need to dress my 1 year old provocatively? She cant even talk, and can barely walk.
    And this new line of clothes isnt going to help matters at all. While many people are rightly going to cry foul. I can see such a thing catching on. It's another step in the secularization, sexualization and "liberation" of our society. And a very sad statement when parents no longer love their children enough to protect them and tell them they cant wear something.
    What ever happened to letting kid be kids?

  18. Truth Seeker says:

    Anyone know if the American Family Association is onto this yet? I just looked around their website for it, but didn't see anything.

  19. Step says:

    Absolutely disgraceful :(. As the mother of a girl just about Noah's age, I have to keep myself informed of these sorts of fads. Sadly, Disney, Hannah and her ilk are not good role models for young girls. I pray for wisdom for the Cyrus parents.

    I am usually the lone ranger talking to a brick wall when I try to explain why I insist upon age appropriate, modest clothing for my daugther. "What's the harm?" "But the trendy clothes are so cute." and so forth. The harm is very real and the price is high. Not something I want to deal with if I can help it.

  20. mosey says:

    Simply heartbreaking, our culture is so immersed in "advertising" and have so sold the "bad girl" mentality to our daughters. They are looked at as strange if they don't wear suggestive clothing.

    I pray that more fathers with protect their daughters hearts and minds. The clothing (or lack of) that these girls wear is only a reflection of the heart and a desire for attention. Sadly they haven't been trained to seek the right kind of attention. Mothers would do well also to set the example for their daughters as well as their sons (who are deeply affected by the lack of innocence in our culture) in their own demeanor and dress.

    Modesty is a topic so painfully close to my heart and sometimes it can seem impossible to combat clothing lines and television shows, but then I remember that our Lord is mighty to save and that truth does not come back void. Praying for these girls and their parents.

  21. Deborah says:

    I didn't make it past the Smack That video.

    I was born in Texas and everyone knows how hot it gets there. We played in the back yard in our underwear. But we were not sexual about it! We were kids allowed to be kids.

    When we went to school or out in public we were dressed. I'll never forget the hot itchy petti-pants we wore. They were lacy underwear that went almost to our knees! Not saying they weren't a little too much, just that I haven't seen a pair of them in many years.
    The people that degrade our little girls in this way will be held accountable. They just don't care about that. They will in the end.

  22. Jane says:

    Sickening, but not shocking considering the way our society has degenerated in last 100 years. Our sex-saturated society and media are finally getting around to corrupting the children and many parents seem oblivious to it.

    A few years ago, 5 year olds walking around with "hottie" plastered across their rear ends and now this. What's next?

  23. Grace McHugh says:

    What else can we expect from the secular world? Today is the "we are all the same" culture and the "me" culture. I do not take our children into the clothing department of any store. If I have to go to a clothing store, I go when my husband is home and the children can stay safely at home with him. I seldom can find children's clothes that are tasteful in the main stores so I end up in the consignment and thrift stores. A Christian woman owns a children's consignment store close to us and I appreciate her choices. The trashy clothes continue to come out because the public buys it. America has been the frog in the water for far too long and the water is boiling. No one notices. What about the parents that allowed their daughters to model these clothes and sing that song??? Shame on them. What will they say if their daughters become the prey of the likes of the Ted Bundy's out there?? They will be crying "foul" and asking why them. I pray their daughters will be protected somehow. We momma's can teach our children what is right, what is pure, what is lovely…….and to think about these things.

  24. Jennifer says:

    "No wonder another religion is the fastest growing one in the world"

    You mean the Muslims?

    "What will they say if their daughters become the prey of the likes of the Ted Bundy's out there?? They will be crying "foul" and asking why them."

    As well they should, like any parent. The likes of Ted Bundy have nothing to do with how women dress.

  25. Ruby says:

    I haven't read through all the comments but
    As if the clothes aren't bad enough.

  26. Civilla says:

    Clothing like that attracts the eye of the unscrupulous, the criminal, whether we like to admit it or not. Women and girls are not "asking for it" when they dress like that — they just don't understand or recon with sick minds — because they are probably naive. Better to keep a low profile (not that that always helps — and yes, it is still a crime if a woman or girl dressed like that is attacked). For our world to tell women and girls that they can dress like that and not attract the wrong kind of attention is not empowering them. It is setting them up to be victims. I can't believe these little girls are dressed that way. Were are the women's libbers when you need 'em?

  27. Persuaded says:

    I am almost in tears after watching that video of little Noah singing and "dancing." She has obviously received a great deal of praise and attention for this sort of thing in the past, and the hopeful excited look in her eyes as she "performed" almost broke my heart. Shame on all of those adults hooting and laughing and clapping. What were they thinking? Does no one treasure this child's heart??

  28. darci says:

    wow! I just finished reading your (and jenny's) fantastic book "passionate housewives desperate for God" thank you thank you!!! and popped online to look up your family reformation site. I'm so happy to have found your blog and will be back.
    THIS post is, not surprising, sadly, but incredibly sick. My oldest daughter, my sweet little girl, is the same age as the girl in the you-tube video. She is soft and innocent (not naive)-I am so glad God in His mercy had us make the choices we have made for our family, to raise them and educate them and, yes, to shelter them, as He shelters us under His wings. It turns my stomach to see ANY one acting in such a way, but to see a 'little' girl….it breaks my heart. thanks for sharing. darci

  29. darci says:

    and I also want to add…so many Christian moms allow their daughters to idolize Hannah Montana (or the latest 'it' girl)..but they are NOT good role models. I want my girls (I have three as of now) to look up to true heroes, and to 'whatsoever is pure, and good..to think on'. These moms have a philosophy of 'everything in moderation'…NO! not everything. Sometimes you have to flee!

  30. Jennifer says:

    "Were are the women's libbers when you need 'em?"

    Heh, so true. There are times when I'd like to get a big group of femmies, point to Howard Stern or someone similar and sic them.

  31. Ford Family says:

    You know, it has really made me regret not learning how to sew.

  32. annie says:

    This scenario makes me chuckle a bit because this is one of the few scenarios where I, a feminist, have very much in common with conservative Christians.

    I am absolutely horrified with the situation. I cannot imagine what her parents are thinking. Both Miley and Noah are out of control. I am so saddened to see young girls and young women who that they must get attention at any cost; and the cost is typically their dignity.

    I just wanted to make sure you ladies knew that feminists do care and are very sad to see this state of affairs! Children should be children and should not be sex objects.

  33. Chelsey says:

    The comment was made:
    "What else can we expect from the secular world?"

    The problem is the Cyrus' claim Christ. He had a huge interview on the 700 club about his faith in Christ.

    Yes, we should expect this kind of behavior from the secular world. But, a self-proclaimed Christian? This is what hurts my heart the most. This is total and complete blashamy of the Word of God and all that it stands for!

  34. Susan says:

    If those pink things on the right are swimsuits, they are actually quite covered. But if those are dresses…eeek. People out there have lost all restraint and let their kids watch movies like Twilight at age 5 (and "Chritian" families watch Twilight, too!). We need not to associate with Hollywood's "stained garment" because it is fouled with corruption. (see Jude 23)

  35. Tia says:

    HOW AWFUL ! What is wrong with people today ? Wanting little children to be adults long before their time? Childhood is about mudpies and laughter ! Our eldest (homeschooled) daughter would NEVER be allowed wear clothes like this , she wears sensible clothes and other Moms comment on how nice it is to see a girl wearing "sensible" clothes , yes she dresses up for parties etc but in suitable clothes…she doesnt feel let doen in anyway (we`ve talked about this) , and says she wouldnt like to wear revealing clothes as they make people stare at you ! I was saddend the other day when myself and my husband went for a coffee , there was a little girl (aged about 7) wearing a t-shirt that had a MOST adult message printed on the front… its protecting our children we should be …I pray parents (for its their fault) will see sense before its too late…God bless you for sending this message out on your blog even if it stops one parent allowing their child to dress like this it`ll be worth it !

  36. Civilla says:

    Oh, yes, sorry Darci, the little children are innocent. I meant it is the older girls, young women, and mothers who are naive if they think they can dress this way, or dress their little girls this way, and not have repercussions. Yes, I agree.

  37. Kate says:


    It isn't just magazines, though. It's posters (whether on sale or on display), DVD covers, CD covers, calendars and books. I find it odd that Walmart sticks their lingerie section directly across from the men's department, usually with the most risque lingerie right on the aisle. At least Target seems to keep it avoidable, at least in my local Target store.

    I've seen such magazines that weren't given plastic covers turned over by concerned individuals before me. Here's an idea. How about we keep a stack of Post-It Notes in our purses and whenever we see an offensive magazine cover, we turn it around and stick a note on it asking that the store acquire covers for it.

    I know this post is a bit of a tangent, so I apologise, but such covers do add to the overall immodesty and acceptance of immodesty of younger and younger girls.

  38. Angela @ HomegrownMom says:

    I agree, this is sickening. Thanks for your links to modest clothing shops in your sidebar. I read a post this week on Sorta Crunchy about Disney sexualizing the princesses and it shocked me to think that way… now this.

  39. ~Ruthie Sisemore~ says:

    I feel as though child pornography just went mainstream. :( Are there no real adults left in the world? Are we so afraid to say "no" to our children that we allow them to prostitute themselves in this manner?

  40. Sarah says:

    Oh my! I don't really know what to say…

    My own daughter is ten and my heart breaks to see little girls of her age group dressed so immodestly. Where are her parents? I also am astonished that they are permitted by their parents to model these 'fashions' around a pole! It would also seem that the girls in the photo above, were perhaps coached on how to 'pose' provocatively around that pole! I'll admit that I didn't have the nerve to watch the youtube video.

    Thank you for highlighting this serious issue Stacy.

  41. Sarah Mae says:

    Once again, you've inspired me to write…I posted on this as well.

    Here devil, enjoy our children. You're welcome.

  42. Stacy McDonald says:


    Someone else mentioned this calendar yesterday. Do you have anymore info? I had never heard of G. Gordon before Adam McManus invited me to the interview where he was guest hosting there. And I've certainly never heard of his soft porn calendar. Now I'm wondering if that's why the interview doesn't seem to be available on Liddy's website. ;-)

  43. Kara says:

    Stacy, I had never heard of G. Gordon either. Since you were asking, I wikipedia-ed him. I didnt see anything about soft-porn. However, it would seem that he masterminded the first break-in in the watergate scandal. He was charged with conspiracy, wiretapping, and burglary, sentenced for 20 years, and served 4.5 years.

  44. Priscilla - Wheelchair Mommy says:

    This is just beyond disturbing. I have boys but … still. For them to see this?

  45. Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife says:

    That is seriously sick! So this is where our society is going. For claiming to be so protective of children, this sure doesn't make sense to me.

    The stripper pole is seriously disturbing.

  46. Kate says:


    If you go to his website http://www.liddyshow.com, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, he has his own "girlie" calendar….maybe soft porn is too harsh a term for it, but different people have different standards. I guess it's not technically soft porn if there are no private parts showing. So, I guess in an effort to not put false accusation up, I should apologise for using that term and stick with "girlie." The calendar is called "Stacked and Packed."

    I've heard of G. Gordon Liddy through a few conservative talk shows around here, but I never really knew who he was or his history or that he even had a show of his own until I visited his site looking for your interview. When I was scrolling through the site, I came across the ad for the calendar.

  47. Civilla says:

    As an "older lady" I well remember G. Gordon Liddy. Yes, he was implicated in Watergate. For a good read, read about his life in his autobiography, "Will" (as in a strong will). I loved the part about how he used to be afraid of rats, so one day, he killed, cooked and ate one and said, "Now rats have to be afraid of me!" Also, he was afraid of lightning, so tied himself to a tree during a lightning storm and screamed at the lightning and then wasn't afraid any more. He is a real tough guy. It was an awesome book. I don't know anything about his recent life.

    This is the first I've heard about him in a while.

  48. Jennifer says:

    Hmm, bad name for a calendar though. Interesting fella. I hate spiders, but I sure ain't eating one.

  49. Jennifer says:

    It wasn't a false accusation, Kate; the images I saw were definitely soft porn. I've seen pics of buffed up women with weapons before; what separates attractive and/or sexy from soft porn is all in the clothing and the poses. In this calendar, I'm afraid there's much of the latter and very little of the former.

  50. Mrs. Q says:

    I hope this will make more moms (& dads) aware that Disney is NOT a company for Christian families. I'm not sure how many families still accept them, though I know of several Christian families that love the Disney Princesses. Disney does not have children's best interest in mind AT ALL, & is actually, I believe, made up of a bunch of perverts. If you didn't know already, here are some of the other sexual perversions Disney is involved in http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Hellivision/narnia.htm

  51. Stacy McDonald says:

    No, Kate; I think you were right the first time. I would definitely categorize this calendar under porn. Sick. I'm thinking we should write him a letter. Do you know if he claims to be a Christian? Or is he more like a Rush Limbaugh-type conservative? I had never heard of him. LOL

    Well, I guess I should be glad I had a chance to say something to Mr. Liddy's listeners (Adam McManus was guest hosting for Gordon Liddy). I just wish I would have said more. I get so nervous during interviews that I always remember what I wanted to say AFTER the interview!

  52. Stacy McDonald says:

    I also found it interesting that even Brooke Shield's stylist thought the fashions went "too far." That just shows you how bad Disney has gotten, and how undiscerning (blind?) most parents are.

    Brooke Shields is the actress who posed nude at age 11 when I was young. It was shocking at the time, but because it wasn't a "sexual" scene many defended it.

    Now, if even her stylist is claiming the current styles are too racy, what does that say? I wonder what Brooke Shields would think? I have to wonder if she would agree with us too.

  53. Jennifer says:

    When did Disney get like this?? After 2000? Even then, some great stuff came out; "Tuck Everlasting" had great morals and didn't they produce Narnia??

  54. Kara says:

    They did do Narnia. And after the second movie, are no longer doing it, sold the rights to 20th Century Fox

  55. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I'm sorry; I went to that link criticizing Disney and think it's way, way overblown. The author called Narnia ITSELF evil and C.S. Lewis the devil's fool, claiming that the character Mr. Tumnus is based on the sex god Pan. Actually, fawns are not always portrayed as sexual; Lewis, I think, deliberately took some creatures villified in myth (including centaurs) and put them in an innocent light. And why not? If mermaids, fairies, centaurs and fawns really existed, they would be God's creatures like everything else. I was absolutely disgusted when this author called the scene with Tumnus and Lucy one representing pedophilia! I suppose Disney's also satanic because Mickey Mouse was actually conducting Satan worship in "Fantasia" with the magic brooms? Modern Disney may be slipping into world-play, but classic Disney? Never. People who seem determined to see filth wherever they go disturb me.

    One more note of interest: the author of this article also claimed, like many, that in a scene in the film "Lion King", some dust or petals fly into the air and spell the word "sex" in capital letters. Actually, this is a false rumor; the words spell SFX, the abbreviation of the special-effects team that worked on that portion of the film.

  56. Courtney says:

    I read the Fox News story when somebody on Facebook posted it, and I still can't believe parents are letting their children wear clothing like that. The videos of the little girl singing and dancing are equally disturbing.

    I did find your interview on Hour 3 of the 02/10/10 show, 8 minutes in.

  57. Katie B says:

    I am with Annie on this one. Here is where we agree as feminists and conservatives! As my (very, very feminist)mother used to say when I would try to sneak out of the house is something wildly inappropriate, "We don't advertise what's not for sale, missy."

    I don't know how to sew but a walk through the children's section of any clothing store these days makes me think that if I ever have a daughter I might want to learn.:)

  58. Kate says:

    I'm not sure if G. Gordon Liddy claims to be a Christian or not. I'll have to check out Adam McManus, though. I think he said he has his own show and he sounded very supportive of Doug Phillips when I listened to his interview.

  59. Sara says:

    I know Annie spoke up as a feminist who is horrified by the early sexualization of girls, and just to back that up- one of the main Feminist blogs, Feministing, posts regularly on this issue, and provides contact information for their readers to complain to advertisers/clothing manufacturers, etc.

    Here's just one example:


    Although we disagree on nearly everything, I feel it's unfair to imply we feminists don't care about this issue – when we do, and regularly make a stink about it :)
    It's the same as me saying "Christian complementarian bloggers never say anything about domestic violence"- which is untrue and unfair, and would take a 10 second google search to disprove. For your readers- PLEASE don't bandy about "Feminists don't care about ……" because I can assure you, 99% of the time Feminists are addressing that issue, vocally. There are times we can work together- this is certainly one of them.

    As for why parents put these types of clothes on their daughters— I don't see that there is that much of a demand from parents, but that's what stores sell, so that's what they buy. (Why stores choose to produce these clothes is a whole 'nother story). If you aren't used to thrift/consignment store shopping, and you don't have the time or energy or resources to go and seek out other places to shop that would have less sexualized clothing, you're stuck.

    Which is why any future daughters will be wearing my son's hand-me-downs until she's at least 3 :)

  60. Stacy McDonald says:

    Hi Annie,

    I am always grateful for something we can agree on! ;-) Especially when it's something like this.

    I have noticed that it seems we are commonly aligned regarding our disdain for pornography and child exploitation.

    In fact, when I find something horribly offensive in a store (like an indecent magazine or poster), I often use the line, "I am offended that you would display this in your store. It degrades and humiliates women and I don't want my children to be exposed to this trash."

    They seem to listen a bit more if they think it has nothing to do with Christian convictions. Ironically, what they don't realize, is that stopping the degradation and humiliation of women has everything to do with our Christian convictions.

    I think we both agree there is a problem; our biggest disagreement is over the "answer" to the problem.


    In some cases, we may also find it difficult to agree on what defines perversion (homosexuality).

    Either way, thanks for posting, Annie. I am very happy to agree with you on this. :-)

    Also, you may be interested in the following post from a couple of years ago. I wish we could unite voices (at least socially) on this issue. If more people complained, I think we'd see less of it:


    [I deleted and reposted this comment because there was an incorrect link in it and blogger doesn't let me "edit" comments.]

  61. Stacy McDonald says:

    That was a great line your mom used, Katie B! LOL I'll have to remember that! Obviously it made you think, since you remembered it!

    And that is the point, isn't it? Why dress up like something you're not? Why advertise something you're not selling? If I'm a Christian, and I'm chaste, why would I want to dress like I'm unchaste? It speaks dishonestly of Christ in me. It misrepresents Jesus and, in a way, slanders Him. It blasphemes His name.

    But the thing is, these are LITTLE GIRLS! Their parents are the ones who are supposed to be protecting them. Most of these girls are clueless of the message they're sending, and I doubt if Noah understood what she was singing.

    If we dress our precious little girls up in g-string panties, raunchy boots, and sleazy clothes, we will be held accountable for what happens to them. These parents may think it's "cute" now, but they won't think it's so cute when these girls (and the boys they know) start acting out the consistency of the image being portrayed.

  62. Stacy McDonald says:

    Sara said: "Although we disagree on nearly everything, I feel it's unfair to imply we feminists don't care about this issue – when we do, and regularly make a stink about it…PLEASE don't bandy about "Feminists don't care about ……" :)"

    Sara – where did we imply this????? I commented to Annie yesterday (or was it the day before) how glad I was that we finally had something we could agree on. ;-) (In fact, my comment should be only a few comments up because I deleted and reposted it this morning after I noticed the link directed you to the wrong post – blogger doesn't let me edit comments).

    "There are times we can work together- this is certainly one of them."

    Agree and relieved!!!!

  63. Deena - says:

    While I totally agree that girl's clothing has gone wild, I do not agree that we need to go and check out obviously ungodly sites and videos just to prove just how bad things really are. I think we as Christians are missing the message of Ro 16:19 "For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil."

  64. Civilla says:

    Jennifer, eat those spiders! Ha-ha!

  65. Sue says:

    have you seen the new barbie "little black dress" collection ? (and little they are! i was assaulted in target by them last week and i just could help but to stare at them in the toy aisle .


  66. Jeanette says:

    Thank you, Stacy, once again for putting things out there in a way that most everyone can agree.

    Things are so very disturbing in our society, and it's getting worse every day.

    When I see a child dressed like what a hooker would have been wearing on the corner when we were children, it just breaks my heart.

    I am so grateful that my daughters will point out things that are disturbing, rather than thinking they want to dress that way.

    Even my oldest, who is now married and on her own, still knows the difference! Praise God.

  67. Civilla says:

    Just looked at the Barbie little black dresses. Oh, man. I don't have girls, but no, I wouldn't want my girl playing with that. There ARE decent Barbies to be had through e-bay or whatever.

    I HAVE noticed that ever since 2010 hit, the styles and magazines etc., are raunchier than ever. Somebody let a genii out of a bottle with the turn of the new year.

  68. momofmany says:

    Thank you Deena for posting the following verse.

    Ro 16:19 "For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil."

    How then shall we live? I'd like to hear more practical ideas of how we as christians can be pure and blameless, godly people in a perverse generation. Any links, verses, or ideas would be of great help. I do like the idea of taking post it notes with the message "Please cover this up!" on them to put on the magazines.

    I recently had to confront a manager at our local HEB grocery store about the Harlequin Romance novels that were recenly put on display at the checkouts. They did agree that the books were not something children should be exposed to. The following day they were still there. I mentioned it to another manager. She said she would take care of it. We'll see. I do know we must be vigilant.

    God bless you all as He reveals how to fight this evil. Pray without ceasing!

  69. CappuccinoLife says:

    Ugh. Those pictures are horrifying. Those little girls look used and used up and they're only, how old, 6? 8? :( I have the same feelings about that toddler "fashion show" stuff going on. *WHY* is it fun/funny/adorable to dress a little baby girl up like a prostitute and teach her to put her body and soul on the block in the meat market? Oh, it's horrifying. I want to throw up when I see those poor little girls. IMO it's just plain abuse. No different than parents who'd sell their daughter into prostitution. Yuck. Vile. :(

  70. Marmee's Pantry says:

    I wrote an article on the same subject. You may be interested in in:

    Blessings from Ohio…Kim<><

  71. deltano says:

    One way to deal with this is to explain to your teens WHY there is so much sexual imagery out there…Sex sells. Teens don't like to be manipulated, once they see how popular culture is manipulating sex to sell protects, they can defend themselves. Teens need to practice discernment, You need to teach them how to analyze the work around them so they can protect themselves from it. I use comedy to do this. I have a short clip on Miley and three other very popular artists at http://www.DefyConformity.com Two clips, "Pregnant in the USA" and "Work it Work it" are releveant to this discussion.

  72. Jennifer says:

    Stacy. Remember the uproar from certain people on both the conservative and liberal side re the last Miss USA, I think it was, and her comments defending traditional marriage? Make sure you tune into Fox or some news system about THIS year's Miss USA photo shoot. You won't believe it. These are the kinds of porn photos pageant candidates used to be DISQUALIFIED for!

  73. Abigail says:

    I grew up in public school and have been exposed to this type of mentality. We were cool if we wore trashy clothes and had a cute boyfriend. It starts as early as fourth grade. My friends wondered why I wasn’t allowed to do some of the things they could. I’m blessed with godly parents who set boundaries, although sometimes growing up I didn’t understand some of them. When I am blessed with children, I’m going to strive to protect them from the worldly ideas that were around me during my childhood. My heart goes out to those young girls who are being exploited by the world right under their parents’ noses. I realize those girls could have been me if the love of God wasn’t pounded into my head and I was saved at an early age. I’m only fourteen, so those girls aren’t that younger than me.

    Mrs. Mcdonald, I want to thank you for these eye opening articles. God has used many of them to grow me and show me many truths and encourage me. You’re not just a blessing to housewives, you’re also blessing young girls like me who want to be homemakers and godly women, and someday raise up children who love God.

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