January 27, 2009

Stacy’s Homemade Granola

Stacy’s Homemade Granola

10 C. oats
2 C. wheat germ (or coconut flour for a wheat-free option)
2 C. shredded coconut
1 C. brown sugar
1 C. chopped nuts (pecans are my favorite)
1 C. dried fruit (dates are my favorite)
1/2 -1 C. coconut oil (or other healthy oil – if you use olive oil, make sure …

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January 26, 2009

Lebanese Flatbread

I received several recipe requests for the Lebanese flatbread we made, so here you go! More recipes to come!

· 1 pkg. (1 ½ tsp.) active dry yeast

· ¼ cup warm water
· 1 tsp sugar
· 3 ¾ cups of unbleached white flour or spelt (you could also use freshly ground whole wheat)
· 1 tsp salt
· 1 ¼ …

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January 13, 2009

Monday Night Supper

Tonight’s Menu:

– Homemade (Spelt) Lebanese flat bread
Herbed Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki sauce (Gluten free)
Shirazi salad (Gluten free)
– Rice (Gluten Free)

Stacy’s Shirazi Salad

10 diced Roma tomatoes
2 cucumbers diced and seeded (do not peel)
1/4 C. lime juice (or lemon juice)
1/4 C. …

January 9, 2009

Free Resources for your Family…

From Providence Church and Family Reformation Ministries:
A New Year has started. The shortest day of the year has passed and Spring is fast approaching. Many enter the year with new and improved resolve to see situations change in their families. Yet often they lack the tools to effectuate this change. We want to help.

The Shortest Catechism – Developed by a …

January 7, 2009

Ex-Monks and Flip-Flop Heroes

“Help, call the police! Oh yeah, I am the police…”

This video is either proof that women shouldn’t be police officers or it’s proof that only women from Texas who have the ability to “kick off their flip flops” should!

Seriously though, notice the interview with her Police Chief. He says she’s “a real smart person…a real caring person.” But being smart and caring didn’t seem to help her here. Praise God for His perfect timing!

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January 7, 2009

A Single Solitary Article

This past Sunday, my husband preached a sermon on how important it is for unmarried men and women to thrive right where God has providentially placed them. Just as it’s sinful to “unduly delay” marriage, as the Westminster Confession of Faith describes, it is also sinful to sit and pine away after a gift that God has not yet given. In other words, we should all glorify God right where He has us. Content with and in Him.

While James …