March 13, 2008 by Stacy McDonald

Costco More Family-Friendly Than Sam’s!

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Camille, one of our readers, sent me an email yesterday to let me know that she received the following letter in response to her complaint to Costco about their carrying the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Melissa, the assistant book buyer for Costco, said this:

I am an Assistant Buyer in the Book/Magazine department. The buyer is currently traveling but we did want to let you know that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that you saw was shipped by the vendor in error. Magazines are stocked in our buildings by the vendor (with Costco title approval) and once we realized the issue, we instructed all of them to be removed off the sales floor. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is no longer on the Magazine rack at Costco.

Three cheers for Costco! I spoke to Ms. Medeiros on the phone and verified that all of the copies of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue have been pulled from the shelves! Way to go!

Please take a moment to email Ms. Medeiros and thank her for caring about her customers. Here is an address where you can send a letter congratulating Costco on their stand for public decency and their refusal to objectify women:

Costco Wholesale
999 Lake Dr
Issaquah, WA 98027-8990

Also, when you send your letters of complaint to Sam’s, please let them know that Costco cares about their customers and if they (Sam’s) continue to show disregard for public decency, you will be shopping at Costco instead – where they support public decency and care about families!

Keep up the good work, y’all!

Keep on sending your letters and making your phone calls! Make your voices heard! Sam’s, Walmart, numerous drugstores, bookstores, grocery stores, and mega marts, need to hear our cries!

[UPDATE: The Sam’s in Peoria, Illinois has decided to put a sign where the SI magazine used to be. The sign read, “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is available behind the member services desk.” Hurray!!!!!! Of course, we’d rather they not carry it at all, but at least now we won’t be visually assaulted walking down thier aisles.

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13 Responses to “Costco More Family-Friendly Than Sam’s!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Costco is great! Sam’s/Wal-mart is all about making a dollar and cutting out mom-and-pop stores but Costco maintains its dignity. Mrs. Medeiros did a great job and is a great representative of Costco.

  2. Mrs. Bethany Hudson says:

    Yay for COSTCO! This is the only “bulk” store we’ve got around here, so now I don’t have to boycott anyone :)

  3. Emily Lechmann says:

    Mrs. McDonald,

    Thank you so much for posting this information! I am so encouraged and will definitely be writing Costo to thank them for their response. I also now know which wholesale store to support!

    With Joy,
    Emily Lechmann

  4. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Costco is a good company. My DH has worked for them for over 20 years. They take their customer’s cares and complaints very seriously. All comments that get submitted at a warehouse are required to be sent to corporate. Costco values its members.

  5. gloria says:

    Yeah! That is great news! So glad that Costco responded!!!


  6. Lisa says:

    I saw the magazine at Sam’s Club today and complained to the female manager, who seemed to be disturbed that it bother me so much. She said she would would talk to the main manager and have him call me back. Thanks for the heads up Stacy. My three boys don’t need to see such filth when shopping with me.


  7. Hannah says:

    I spoke with customer service for Hannaford earlier this week regarding the magazine being at our son’s eye level in the check out lane. This afternoon I received a call back from the corporate headquarters letting me know that my local store will be moving the magazine to a higher shelf. Hopefully this also means in a different location within the store instead of the check out area….

  8. RHB says:

    Dear Stacy,

    I have just finished reading the chapter from your book entitled, “Embracing Your Sacred Calling”. I am a stay at home mother of 2 girls (ages3 and 5 months) living in France. It is the desire of my husband and I to live our lives and train our children in a way that brings glory to God and draws the lost into a relationship with Him. I understand and admire your efforts to influence the culture and have children protected from viewing Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. However, here in France (which is admittedly pretty godless) there are a LOT more offensive billboards, magazine covers, etc. We have to live in this world that God has placed us in and comissioned us to go out into even when there is soft core pornography on every corner. How would you counsel missionaries in other cultures to handle this situation? Also, do you really think that sending a child to Mother’s Day Out is sinful? My husband travels around the world with his work and there is no family support system for me here, so after 2.5 years of struggling with the idea of a nonbelieving French childcare worker watching my child in a group setting, I have finally decided that while this would not have been my first choice, it is very helpful if not absolutely necessary to have a break every now and then- for doctor’s appointments, birthday shopping for my child, etc.

  9. Hope says:

    Several years ago I researched food buying clubs and grocery stores because we desired to support companies that promote a family friendly agenda. I became aware of the Human Rights Campaigne which supports corporate policies and practices for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered employees, consumers, and investors.

    What I found out is that there are few good places to shop.

    This includes Costco to this day. If you would like to see the 2008 ratings for how Costco supports anti-family agendas, go to this site:

    On that page you can access the 2008 Corporate Equality Index.
    Go to Appendix B, page 30 – at the bottom of the page is Costco with a 93% positive rating for the human rights agenda.

    In the same apendix you will find Walmart with a much lower rating of 40, down from 65.
    You can search the appendix by type of company (food, law, hotel, etc.).

    I also found out that my local grocery store, although rated low on the Human Rights Index, supports community services including Planned Parenthood.

    Our family came to the conclusion that we will try to purchase as much as we can from local farmers, many of them Christians, but that there are many things that we will have to buy from the secular marketplace because our family is not able to be self-sufficient and that is not what we see as God’s purpose for our family at this time. I have been comforted by Old Testament scriptures that detail God’s commands for the Israelites to buy from the heathen nations around them, even as they travelled.

    I hope this helps anyone who is researching this topic. It is also worth taking a look at how many of the companies, including Costco, are operating in foreign countries (particularly South America) where they are free from regulations that monitor labor and the environment. It is also possible at times to see how companies and CEOs supported political candidates. My understanding from the research I did was that Costco’s CEO did much to support the Democrats in the last election.

    It has become increasingly difficult for my husband and I to go shopping together or take my son with us due to seemingly everything that is on the clothes racks, the advertisements in the electronics section, the magazines at the counters, etc.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Simply Heart And Home says:

    Hooray for Costco! My mother always said that the squeaky wheel got the grease!:)



  11. Kate says:

    I don’t have a Costco near me and even Sam’s Club is some distance away. However, at my local Walmart, I did notice that for this year they added more smut calendars to their racks. They used to have just the Swimsuit calendar, but now they’ve added Maxim (lingerie) and “beefcake” (scantily clad men) calendars. Some may say, “big deal,” but keep in mind, these calendars are usually sitting right next to the innocent ones, the Christian ones, and even the children’s ones.

    I remember one time I cancelled my subscription to a CD company when they inundated me with calendar offers where most of them were pornographic. They called me and asked why I cancelled my membership. When I told them that I did so because they sold pornographic calendars, the guy on the phone said, “No we don’t!” Apparently calendars of partially to fully nude women and men aren’t considered pornography anymore.

  12. Christian Homekeeper says:


    I have sent an email to Sam’s Club and also shared with them how Costco has set the example that they should follow by removing this lewdness from their shelves! ;)


  13. Christian says:

    Hello Stacy,

    I received a reply from my letter to Sam’s club and they said:

    “We have pulled these magazines off of the floor and are checking into returning them to the vendor.”

    Bev in WA

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