January 14, 2008 by Stacy McDonald

Marital Intimacy – Poll

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I wanted to mention this topic one more time; it’s mentioned below, two posts down. I received a few emails from folks who were confused by the poll in the side bar. Please scroll down and first read the post called Intimacy in Marriage – A New Poll. This is a very important topic and my husband is praying over it as he prepares to address men and how they can obey God by loving and cherishing their wives. Please take part in our poll and share any words of wisdom you might be able to share.

[Poll Results]

The poll is now closed. I thought the results were very telling. We’ll be discussing many things in the coming weeks. If you are not struggling in this area, please pray for those who are and also consider offering encouragement or counsel to those in need. Here are the results:

I struggle with my body image for various reasons and I can’t seem to believe my husband loves and accepts my body, even though he tells (and shows) me that he does. This causes me to be disinterested in intimacy. 196 (36%)

I am not interested in intimacy due to illness, pregnancy, or exhaustion. 122 (22%)

I struggle with feelings of rejection, unmet physical needs, and a negative body image because of my husband’s lack of interest. 102 (18%)

I have no interested in intimacy and I don’t know why. 90 (16%)

I struggle with my body image, in part, because of my husband’s sinful behavior, use of pornography, or hurtful comments. Because of this, I am not very interested in intimacy.
89 (16%)

I struggle with intimacy and can’t go to anyone in the church for help because of one of the following reasons – 1. Fear of gossip or indiscretion 2. Embarrassment 3. No Tit. 2 women available 4. Church unwilling to “go there.” 5. Husband is in leadership. 44 (8%)

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  1. Sherrin says:

    It is great that you are addressing this issue, but I wish you had some positive points I could click on your poll! Something like . . .

    *Generally enjoy intimacy and look forward to it!

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