December 6, 2007 by Stacy McDonald

You Said What?

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I said I was taking a break from the blogsphere (and I am, so don’t worry!), but I was alerted to a cute thread on the Bayly blog and I just couldn’t resist. They are discussing the fact that many of us heard songs incorrectly as children (or even as adults) and then sang them that way for years. I think I must have really poor hearing, because I’ve gotten a LOT of song lyrics wrong over the years – some are just too embarissing to admit! As one of the Bayly’s readers was sharing his “funny” I found myself saying, “You mean those aren’t the words????” LOL

But I guess it runs in the family. For instance, my little daughter, Virginia Grace, did not hear the lyrics to “America” correctly: “And crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.” Instead, she heard and sang, “And crowned thy good with Robin Hood, from tree to shining tree.”

Now, the following story isn’t exactly a “song” I heard incorrectly, but it is priceless – especially in light of our present battles. When I was about eight years old, I was really into starting clubs – I was a “Little Rascals” fan, after all.

I started a club called the Sunflower Girls of which I was the president, of course. One day, I decided that my members and I were going to picket our neighborhood (something I had seen or heard on the news, I assume).

We diligently made large signs with crayons and poster board and taped them to sticks. We marched around the neighborhood, proudly waving our signs. It was around 5:30 or so in the evening and many dads (and probably some moms) were driving home from work.

Strangely enough, cars started slowing down and pointed at us, laughing. Finally, it became embarrassing and we all ran to my family’s garage to hide.

It took me a long time, even after my dad explained it to me, to figure out why people were laughing. In an attempt to copy the “Women’s Lib” signs we had seen, our signs actually said, “Woman’s Lip.” Archie Bunker would have been proud.

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