December 27, 2007 by Stacy McDonald

God is in Control!

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I have been under the weather since late Christmas night and spent all of yesterday in bed. This was frustrating for me for a number of reasons. One being that our precious friends, the Evans, moved to Tennessee yesterday and I had intended to send them off with food and a proper farewell. Things didn’t quite work out the way I had planned and I was sad and disappointed- yet God’s providence prevails – as always.

Things rarely go “as planned” and we must always acknowledge God’s sovereignty in every situation. Sometimes that can be difficult. In our feeble minds we tend to automatically think that good or pleasing things come from God and bad or hurtful things come from Satan/Enemy. When in fact, all things are in His Hand.
Being in bed without sleeping left me free to contemplate many things yesterday – some fruitful and some not so fruitful. First, I started thinking of all the things that needed to be done – which closets need cleaning out; who needs extra work in which school subjects; how badly the household budget needs adjusting; which bills still need to be paid; all the things I have been wanting to do for various families at church and haven’t gotten to it yet; how I want to rearrange my pantry, and the list goes on. It was really a fruitless time to think on these things since I couldn’t do anything about any of it while laid up in bed!
Next, I began contemplating the trials that God has placed before us this year. There have been many times I have asked God, “I know you’re orchestrating all of this for our good and Your glory, but what on earth are You doing here?”My words may have acknowledged God’s sovereignty, but my attitude hasn’t always.
A few months ago, after voicing my bewilderment to a good friend, she said a simple and profound thing, “It will be interesting to see how God uses this for His Glory. Take heart! We serve a wonderfully creative and gracious Lord!”

What wise and good words! They stuck with me and comforted me beyond belief. Why? Because her words didn’t focus on anything that “I needed to do” to work it all out (in this case, there really wasn’t anything I could do). They didn’t center on my efforts at all. Instead, my friend’s words focused on God and His sovereignty.

What comfort! What freedom! I didn’t have to worry because God is the One in control – not me! Her words focused on God’s Grace and the promise of His good and merciful intentions toward me. As I sat feeling hurt, bewildered, vulnerable, and even angry, my friend reminded me of God’s creative power and glory!
I believe that God’s power coupled with His mercy is our greatest comfort! They go hand in hand. His mercy without His power would be scary – so too would His power without His mercy! But He is our Great Advocate – we are well taken care of.

As I lay quietly in bed, her wise words came back to me yesterday as I was tempted to give in to worry and stress. “We serve a wonderfully creative and gracious Lord!” Amen! God is good!

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…” (Matthew 5:44)So I pray that all my readers had a blessed Christmas and are preparing well for the year ahead. If you have stumbled upon my blog and don’t know the love and forgiveness of Christ, or if you are a Christian who has become entangled in the sin of bitterness or fallen into despair, please know that it’s no accident that you’re reading here right now.

It’s easy for us to focus on the sins of others and be so consumed with hatred and bitterness that our own sins “pale” in comparison! But I challenge you today: Are you a “good” person according to God’s standards? And, if you think so, are you “good” enough? Click here to have your eyes opened: I’m good enough. And then read further: Saving Knowledge

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3 Responses to “God is in Control!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m surprised no one has commented yet, as this blog has the most beautiful and vital message of all time: God’s love and forgiveness. In a world wrought with strife, this message is sorely needed.

    For me, anger is like fire: a useful weapon, but a deadly master and a hungry beast that must always be leashed. It is our job as Christians to refute false teachings, but it doesn’t do us any good to sit burning with anger at others; I learned this the hard way. I may react with aggression to lies and other sins, but I must do so only while remembering the Father and Master I serve. I have neither the fortitude nor the right to constantly pursue wrongdoings like God, plus the fact that I’m no angel myself. If I or anyone else spend all our time trying to correct others, we end up overlooking the problems in our own hearts that desperately need attention!

    Along with this message is the eternal message of God’s forgiveness for all of us. I pray that everyone heeds God’s precious invitation as it’s presented in this blog. Stacy, thank you for so beautifully combining these vital truths in your blog; it’s a breath of healing air! May God continue to bless you

  2. Stacy McDonald says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    The comments section was turned off for a month and was only turned back on a few days ago.

    Thank you for your powerful words. praise God we serve a merciful and mighty God!

  3. HomemakerAng says:

    I hope you are feeling better! The flu has been running rampant here in the Midwest… We just got over it also. Happy New Year and God bless you! I enjoy your site!

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